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Auto Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds


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Auto Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds

Perfectly ideal strain for growers where time is a constraint. Firstly, Purple Kush has a short growing cycle; secondly, it is a typical low maintenance strain and does not require too much attention, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.. This pure Indica strain is one of the prettiest auto-flowering strains that you can grow, a ture and vibrant jewel of your garden.

It has a very intense, passionate purple color with orange hairs, creating a beautiful contrast. According to relevant published literature Wikileafs ”the tendency towards purple, selectively bred from the Purple Afghani parent strain, comes about when the plant’s anthocyanins -- pigments similar to chlorophyll -- are activated in cold growing conditions. This process is similar to the breakdown of chlorophyll and the stimulation of red and yellow pigments that causes foliage to change colors in autumn.” (Wikileafs 2018).

This auto-flowering variety has a lot of indica dominant characteristics with bushy branches, dense buds and shorter than average height.

Purple Kush is high in THC (15-20%) and low in CBD, which make it useful in treating pain flare-ups, insomnia, and anxiety.

Purple Kush Info

Strain GeneticsHindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / FlavorHerbal, Kush, Sweet
EffectEuphoric, Long lasting, Relaxing
CBD ContentLow
THC ContentHigh

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