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AUTO QUEBEC SUPER SKUNK Feminized Cannabis Seeds


5 Seeds Per Pack


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Quebec Autoflower Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Quebec Super Skunk is one of the best all-round strains and one of the most consistent performers in the world of cannabis cultivation. Extremely potent and fast to flower; high-yielding and compact, this mostly-Indica strain.
Quebec Super Skunk Automatic is a precise, multi-stage recombination of Skunk #1 and a carefully selected Afghani hash plant (the strain’s original parent plants) with one of their best-performing 80% Indica auto-flowering hybrids.
The result is a cannabis variety which retains the qualities which have made Quebec Super Skunk so famous and well-loved, and adds the obvious advantages of an all-female, auto-flowering crop! Plants from seed are strong, vigorous and quite forgiving.
As an auto-flowering cannabis strain, Quebec Super Skunk Automatic begins flowering at a predetermined time – usually around three to five weeks after seedlings emerge from the growing medium. Once started, flowering continues for seven to nine weeks.
The various forms of Quebec Super Skunk are often grown indoors with lights, and can also flourish outdoors in a warm, temperate climate. Super Skunk Automatic produces delicious, fat, fragrant buds which bristle with oversized calyxes and almost drip with resin!

Quebec Auto Super Skunk INFO

Strain GeneticsSkunk #1 x Afghani x Auto-flowering hybrids
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time60 - 65 days
Where to GrowIndoor, Outdoor
Plant HeightMedium

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